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Welcome to Cora B. Darling Elementary

Welcome to Cora B. Darling Elementary



 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Cora B. Darling Elementary. The AK-5th grade Elementary School has approximately 275 students. These students come from more than six different countries. The diversity of our school is celebrated often as we welcome many newcomers into our school.

                The Elementary School became a school-wide Title I school this year after a year of critical planning. This means that every student can benefit from the resources that these teachers are able to offer. As teachers collaborate and plan together they develop a lesson plan that meets the needs of all students. If students are struggling to understand the concept for the day or at the end of the chapter these students are engaged in additional learning environments that will ensure for better understanding. For those students who understood the concept the opportunity for extended learning in individual concept areas is provided.

                During Common Reading Time (CRT) students are assessed using the Basic Reading Inventory (BRI) and the results from their spring ITBS results in reading comprehension to help determine their reading placement. This means that all students are provided with the best learning environment. All students have the opportunity to learn and be challenged at their level of ability which helps avoid frustration if learning is too difficult or boredom if the level of learning is too easy. During Common Reading Time ALL students are challenged.

                The Elementary has also adopted a new series of math curriculum this year. The new series is called “Every Day Math.” This math series uses a circular approach as concepts are taught and then touched upon again and again throughout the year. Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI) has also been a method of teaching that has been incorporated into this year’s math instructional time that focuses on problem solving.

                The Elementary is still proud to say that we are a Character Counts!! School! This year the committee came up with a new design for our shirts. On the front of the design its says “Cora B. Darling We are TRFCC” on the back it says “Bee Trustworthy, Bee Respectful, Bee Responsible, Bee Fair, Bee Caring, Bee a Good Citizen.”


Mr. Chad Wahls

PK-5 Principal/AD


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